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IPC Provider, ARBOR technology. With more than 10 years of embedded and networking expertise, Arbor has the time-tested abilities of providing board-level to system-integrated solution with well-defined manufacturing process and seasoned long-term availabilities.

Arbor’s Embedded & Networking Computing solutions have been successfully applied into the fileds of transportation, e-Service, medical, manufacturing automation, telecommunication, networking, information system and military. Countless users benefit from our services in terms of high productivity, convenience, efficiency, cost-effective and reliance.

Mission – Solve Your Problem

In the ever-changing and furiously competitive embedded computing market, it’s very important to choose a right partner. ARBOR provides a comprehensive portfolio of embedded platform ranging from embedded board to system which effectively facilitate your project.

With standard or customized combination of customer-driven, high performances, feature-rich and well-made platform, you can easily deploy any embedded architecture, such as home & industrial automation, mobile computing, kiosk / POS, mini controller, network appliance and gaming machine platform, to your valuable customers.


Why choose Arbor Technology to deploy your Embedded Infrastructure, because ARBOR

Power your businessFootball

With full spectrum of embedded computing product line, speedy customized capabilities and quick response to the newest evolution of information technology, Arbor Technology helps you deliver your services faster and stronger than ever.

Profit your business

Through intensive logistics networks, well-defined quality requirements and seamless supply chain, Arbor Technology delivers the most cost-effective solutions to your portfolio.

Pave the fast track to success for your business

Arbor Technology provides strategic insight and innovative technology to your solution portfolio, which lets you keep ahead of your competitors and reach to the most valuable customers.

Put your vision into action

With embedded computing deployment consulting services, OEM/ODM capabilities and solution portfolios of Arbor Technology, your vision and profit will be realized on the fly.

Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance (ECA)

The Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance is a community of communications and embedded developers and solutions providers committed to the development of modular, standards-based solutions on Intel technologies.

ARBOR is a member of the The Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance, a community of developers and solution providers utilizing Intel technology in the development and deployment of solutions. ARBOR realizes your embedded computing vision with most advanced Intel embedded computing solutions. ARBOR Tech has intensive operations with major IT players across the world, deploys embedded computing solutions to every corner wherever you are.

Value to Collaborate with Arbor Technology Inc.

Differentiation from your competitor

Arbor provides you with direct Intel architectural alignment through faster than others to adopt newest Intel embedded solutions.

Increase your public recognition

Arbor as a member of The Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance to be your trusted supplier, of course you are easily to be recognized by your customers as a trusted solution provider.

Focus on your core competence

Being a member of The Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance, which means Arbor, meets the alliance requirements of product development expertise, R&D capabilities and manufacturing capacity in embedded market. Let Arbor deals with these issues, and you can focus on your core competence that profits your business.

Atlanntic Teleconnect, Inc. (ATI) is a leading manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and wiring harness solutions for networking, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and communications businesses.

ATI continuously exceeds customer expectations by meeting the most unique and demanding custom cable and wiring harness  requirements. For over 20 years and in nearly every industry, including federal and state government, ATI’s innovative custom cable and wiring harness solutions have been recognized globally for:


· High Performance – ATI builds custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses that consistently deliver the highest power

and message integrity.

· Exceptional Reliability – Without exception, advanced wiring harness and cabling solutions delivered by ATI supply

functionality that businesses can depend on.

· Superior Quality – ATI’s leading-edge custom cable and wiring harness solutions exceed the highest standards in the

industry. Products are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing processes that supports a cross-trained workforce.

· Depth of Expertise – Using over 75 years of experience in electrical, electro-mechanical, and process engineering ATI

builds custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses to exacting industry specifications ATI analyzes your products and provides feedback if possibilities  for improvement or cost savings exist.

· Testing Capability

ATI performs rigorous, controlled testing of all products which may include test for continuity, shorts, hipot, attenuation/crosstalk, impedance/resistance, dielectric withstanding, or back reflection.



Core Systems produces best-in-class products that lead their respective vertical markets. An example of this is their G2 LCD. It is the shortest and lightest feature rich 1U 19” LCD in the nation. The G2 has the price point to rival overseas manufacturers yet is designed and produced in Southern California. Another example is their Military Raptor Series of rugged rackmount computers. Their Military Raptors have the most rugged construction of any PCI based manufacturer in the nation. The ultra-rugged construction coupled with their innovative design features are quickly becoming recognized in the military computing industry as setting a new standard for performance.

Their entire line of standard light industrial rackmount Raptors has a lead time of only 1-2 weeks depending on configuration. Their standard G2 series of rackmount LCD’s have a lead time of 5 days or less. The lead time for their rackmount systems and LCD’s is roughly half of what other manufacturers will be shipping for similar products. The Mil-Spec rugged Raptor series has a lead time of 4-6 weeks depending on the configuration. This lead time is shorter than offered by roughly 2-3 weeks for similar configurations. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, all quotations for standard products will be answered in 24-48 hours. It is not uncommon for Core to deliver a product before one of their competitors has responded to the RFQ.




Dawn VME Products is a premier privately-held manufacturer of embedded packaging solutions. Founded in 1985, Dawn is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of products based on the VITA and PICMG architectures.

Dawn’s headquarters is a state-of-the-art, 42,000 square foot facility located in Fremont, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Dawn’s product line features high-performance backplanes and powered enclosures in addition to multi-function accessories, sub-racks and card cages. .

Dawn’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow the company to offer both standard and custom products into the commercial, military, medical, telecom, and research markets. .

Dawn VME Products recognizes that the success of any technical product is the foundation from which it is engineered. Dawn’s Engineering Team possesses over hundreds of years of combined experience and utilizes the most current design techniques in the creation of our products. Dawn invests heavily in R & D, the results of which are a continuous stream of new and improved products. .

Manufacturing excellence is also what separates Dawn from its competitors. As a founding member of VITA, Dawn has the experience necessary to create consistent production assemblies in support of our clientele. Dawn’s manufacturing team is comprised of highly-skilled assemblers, technicians, engineers and other professionals dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction through on-time delivery of zero-defect products. .

Dawn VME Products’ long history of customer satisfaction, proven design and manufacturing capabilities makes us the premier choice for embedded packaging solutions. .


Diamond Systems

Diamond Systems is proud to be the original supplier of PC/104 format data acquisition boards. When the PC/104 Consortium was just starting out, we were one of the original 11 members, and the only company to offer a full line of data acquisition modules for this new and exciting embedded systems standard.

Wide Selection of Products

With the introduction of our new CPU module, we are now a full-line supplier of PC/104 hardware, including CPU, Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Serial ports, Vehicle power supplies, and Enclosures. In many instances this means one-stop shopping for all your hardware needs.

Rugged, Efficient Design

The use of extended temperature SMT components and intelligent mechanical design result in greater reliability and higher customer satisfaction. Our new power supply boards require no heatsink, increasing mechanical reliability. We put more circuitry and features on our boards than other vendors, resulting in smaller system size, lower cost, lighter weight, and less assembly time.

Advanced Technology

Our unique autocalibration circuitry (patent pending) ensures maximum accuracy on our analog I/O boards for all input ranges over the entire operating temperature range and life of the product. And it completely eliminates the need for recalibration in the field. Furthermore, we are the only PC/104 manufacturer to offer programmable analog output ranges so you can precisely tailor the hardware to your particular application.

Innovative Packagings

Our novel cable-free CPU I/O connector system significantly reduces system development efforts and space requirements, saving time and money and increasing reliability. Combining our I/O panel with our highly-integrated CPU results in a compact, rugged “brick” that is only 1.25″ thin and fits anywhere.

PC/104 Design

Diamond Systems is strongly committed to the PC/104 standard. All our standard products are based on this popular form factor. PC/104 utilizes the industry-standard ISA and PCI buses and x86 processor architecture, so both hardware and software development can proceed faster. PC/104 boards are available from over 100 suppliers, giving you a huge vendor base to select from. In addition, software developers can utilize their existing skills and take advantage of the huge existing base of PC-compatible development tools and operating systems to get to market faster. Any existing PC-based application can be ported easily to PC/104 with little or no code changes.

Flexible Configuration

We think ahead when designing new products to ensure they cover as wide a range of applications as possible. For example, our Emerald-MM serial port boards offer 3 protocols on the same board with easy jumper or software configuration, so you can mix and match protocols in the same application without having to swap out boards. And our analog I/O boards offer a wide selection of input types and ranges, all under software control, so you can easily tailor the inputs and outputs to your special needs.


We can easily customize our board for your application. We will gladly make simple changes such as I/O connectors or configurations for small volume orders, or we can quickly create a new board using our large existing design library.



Established in 1981, DFI® is a leading supplier of high-performance computing technology worldwide. With more than 30 years of experience, DFI® focuses on innovative design and manufacture of leading-edge board and system level products for embedded applications requiring strict revision control and long life availability. DFI uses the latest technology platforms and manufacturing techniques to produce cost-effective products for use in medical diagnostic & imaging, ATM/POS, industrial control, kiosk, security & surveillance, digital signage, gaming, and other embedded applications. As an Associate member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance (IISA), DFI works closely with Intel® on development of next-generation standards-based building blocks, platforms and solutions for the communications and embedded market segments.With branch offices in New Jersey, California, Netherlands, Tokyo, Shanghai; and manufacturing sites in Taiwan and China, DFI Inc. is able to facilitate services to customers and partners in different regions.

Corporate mission within the DFI family of companies:• Strict Revision Control

        • DFI’s commitment to strict revision control stems from using the same components across its entire product line.
        • Customers are notified and approvals are obtained before any component change can occur.• Long Product Life Cycle
        • DFI guarantees that our products will be available for a minimum of 5~7 years. DFI keeps sufficient stocks of critical
        • components to minimize the risk of discontinued items, and will issue an End of Life (EOL) notice 6 months prior to
        •         discontinuance of the product.• Manufacturing Capability
        • Our in-house manufacturing process ensures stability and complete quality control with excellent production equipment
        • for making the best quality products for our customers. With huge manufacturing capacity, DFI is able to fulfill the
        • demands of off-the-shelf products, custom design service, and EMS in various industries.• Quality Control
        • DFI follows the ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Quality Management System, with QC080000, to ensure that customers will
        • receive only the highest-quality of products. This process includes complete evaluation ranging from functional/
        • environmental/shipping tests to lifecycle analysis and Quality Reliability Tests that entail high frequency design .
        • analysis and thermal/humidity/vibration/drop test.



Founded in 1946, Knowles offers a growing range of micro-acoustic, electro-mechanical, and related technology platforms to support the business potential of our customers. These platforms enable us to collaborate early in the concept-design process to help our customers develop smaller, higher density, higher performance products.

Global Presence
Knowles corporate headquarters is based in Itasca, Illinois with technical customer support offices located around the globe. Knowles has manufactured in Asia since 1965, with world-class facilities in China and Malaysia. All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 certified, with some additionally certified to ISO-14001 or OHSAS-18001. The Knowles Quality Management System ensures design, integrity, efficient manufacturing and the cost effective on-time delivery of our products and services.

Who We Are
Knowles is an application-based technology company, collaborating on the development of new products and components for hearing instrumentation and the broader electronic devices market. Depending on your application, Knowles’ design-development teams are assigned and managed by either the Knowles Hearing Instruments Group or the Knowles Electronic Devices Group.

Parent Company
Knowles is owned by the Dover Corporation, a diversified manufacturer with $6 billion in annualized revenue from operating companies that manufacture specialized electronics, industrial products and equipment.




Lenthor Engineering

If your project has you thinking flex circuits then Lenthor Engineering is the right place for you. Whether your need is a basic single-sided flexible circuit or a complex multi-layer rigid-flex solution Lenthor Engineering can provide the assistance you need to get your idea to market. From flex and rigid-flex circuit design layout, board fabrication or a fully assembled flex or rigid-flex circuit solution Lenthor Engineering’s twenty-three years of hands on experience will be with you every step of the way.

We invite you to review our web site to become familiar with all of the services available from Lenthor. And before you leave our web site be sure to down load our newly revised Flexible Circuit Design Guide. You will find the Design Guide filled with useful information on a full range of topics including IPC Type and Class identifiers, flexible circuit materials specifications and flex and rigid-flex circuit design criteria. You will even be able to learn to speak like a flex circuit expert by reviewing our section on the vocabulary of flex and rigid-flex circuits. There is a lot to be learned for those who are not yet initiated in the world of flexible printed circuit board design, fabrication and assembly. We hope you will find our web site and the Flexible Circuit Design Guide helpful. We also would encourage you to pick up the phone and ask to speak to anyone of us about your needs and expectations. Have a look at our Contact Lenthor page on this site. You will find contact information for all of the people you need to get your flex circuit project completed to your specification, on time.


Power Innovations

The Company

Started in 1997, Power Innovations is a technology company located in Lindon, Utah, that is pioneering a set of new solutions to generate, store, and manage AC power. The company is progressing through strategically planned steps to provide the best solutions for power management, new solutions for power storage, and ultimately green energy technologies for power generation and re-generation.

In fulfilling its mission, Power Innovations is involved in three synergist product lines that interact with one another and, at the same time, uniquely address industry needs in distinct large markets.

The Power Innovations power independence objective requires complete integration of all areas of power management, power generation, and power storage. Connectivity and internal communication through Internet Protocol (IP) are being implemented to allow all systems and modules to interface. IP also enables local and remote access, control, and management.

Current Market Focus – Power Management

Power Innovations is currently marketing its lines of state-of-the-art power management products, complete with remote power notification and management capabilities. Power Innovations is continually expanding and improving its power management products to facilitate easier integration with its power independence focus, meet the needs of its customers, and enable the company to expand its markets. Key customers include but are not limited to, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), Disney, L-3 Communications, Hydril, FlightSafety, Boeing, Baker-Hughes, and Halliburton.

Historically, Power Innovations was charged with managing the power availability and quality for the 2002 Winter Olympics, which provided IT personnel with absolutely failsafe power to manage and monitor as many as 500 systems throughout the events.

Changes to the Power Innovations power management product line come through product enhancements and new product development. New product development is facilitated through OEM relationships, in response to general market needs, and through the creation of new technologies.

Mission Statement

Power Innovations’ mission is to provide and manage continuous high-quality power in conjunction with or even independent of utility services worldwide, with local and remote management and the ability to account for generated and recycled power.





SanDisk offers a line of products that is shifting a growing range of markets from the hard disk drive to flash-based storage, including: mobile computing, low-cost PCs and blade servers. SanDisk SSD product families deliver far superior durability and higher performance, particularly for OS boot and application load. As the cost of flash declines dramatically, users can now benefit both from an enhanced overall experience and from a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Backed by a vast NAND flash IP portfolio and operational excellence, SanDisk enables OEMs, ODMs, integrators and users to take advantage of a superb product offering.

SanDisk has a range of smart flash-based storage solutions with varied capacities, form factors, interfaces and levels of ruggedness- at various price points. With flash prices dropping capacities increasing, the trend to adopt flash is taking hold across an ever-widening group of markets such as mobile computing, low-cost PCs, POS, blade servers, the automotive industry and consumer electronics devices.

SanDisk Embedded Flash Drives (EFDs)
Today’s mobile handsets and portable handheld media players have become multimedia centers, packed with features such as digital still cameras, games and music and video players.

The SanDisk mDOC and iNAND™embedded flash drives (EFDs) are designed to smartly address both system design complexity and NAND reliability challenges. Both substantially improve system performance, reduce power consumption and are available in a wide range of capacities.

The SanDisk EFD product line advances embedded flash drive architecture. By building smart flash management software into its controller as firmware, rather than running it on the host processor, and by standardizing the hardware interface, SanDisk EFDs:
» Ensure device reliability
» Maximize device life expectancy
» Mask inherent raw NAND flaws

By integrating our advanced flash management technology internally as firmware, the SandDisk EFD can help OEMs do away with traditional design trade-offs. OEMs can now tap into the latest, most cost-effective NAND flash technologies and minimize integration-associated risks and delays. SanDisk EFDs help OEMs meet aggressive time-to-market schedules, within budget.

SanDisk Modular Flash Disks
With over a decade of successful installations in millions of embedded computing systems across the globe, our modular family of flash disks brings you cost-effective data storage you can trust. Our innovative technologies meet strict data reliability standards. Our flash disks keep working to deliver high performance wherever you need them – inside consumer laptops and low cost PCs, desktops, blade servers, point of sale (POS) and factory equipment, automobiles, and telecom / datacom networks. Our track record means that our modular family is one of the safest design decisions you can make. Easy to integrate, our modular family is available in many form factors, densities and interfaces, with support for all popular embedded operating systems.

CompactFlash Memory Cards
The size of a matchbook and weighing just half an ounce, SanDisk’s CompactFlash memory cards deliver high-capacity flash memory in a small form factor. SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash card products have sequential read / write speeds of 20 megabytes per second (MB/sec). The new SanDisk Extreme III cards are targeted applications that require high-performance flash memory storage cards.

SanDisk 3D One-Time-Programmable (OTP) Memory
OTP Memory- Overview SanDisk’s 3D technology fundamentally changes the cost structure that governs Integrated Circuit (IC) design by providing an unprecedented, practival, and high-volume approach to building multi-layered three dimensional integrated circuits.

SanDisk 3D-OTP- Memory is offered in standard IC package options, including TSOP and the SD-based card formats. Addisitonal formats will quickly follow. SanDisk 3D-OTP Memory has been designed for electrical and mechanical compatibility with standard (NAND) flash devices and can, therefore, work interchangeably with flash card formats and fit into millions of existing slots without requiring any hardware redesign.


 Authorized for the state of Florida only.

Stetron International

For over 30 years, Stetron’s loudspeaker factory has earned recognition as a respected manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers. Technical expertise, an Anechoic Chamber, and ISO9001/14000 production capabilities have enabled Stetron to become a major supplier of high quality loudspeakers to a number of the world’s leading OEM’s.

Stetron’s Audio Specialists and Design Engineers have computer modeling and state-of-the-art Test & Measurement equipment capabilities to match your unique OEM loudspeaker specifications for custom product development.

Adding to our established line of fire and safety speakers, Stetron International announces the immediate availability of UL1480 (2005 edition) and ULC compliant 4″ and 8″ fire and safety speakers. These waterproof fire and safety speakers are designed for indoor and outdoor fire and safety applications, and are available in various mounting options.

Established in 1965, Stetron pioneered the concept of delivering “value” by utilizing Asian based manufacturing complimented by North American product engineering. The result – technically advanced products at truly competitive prices. This formula enables Stetron to provide customized audio solutions at standard product price points.

Product and Price are two tangibles. However, Stetron’s tremendous growth and continued success is also attributable to our priority to satisfy every customer, every time, through outstanding personalized service. We are dedicated to the customer’s experience and are continually evaluating how to improve it. Our engineers and technical sales staff constantly strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products and services, to be “customer centric”.

Today, Stetron International, Inc., with ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and TS-16949:2002 certified production capabilities, is a leading provider of Audio components and solutions for original equipment manufacturers in the Telecom, Multimedia, Automotive and Industrial Control sectors. Stetron is the vendor of choice for professionals who demand engineering support that provides rapid time to market and high productivity, along with manufacturing operations to provide high product performance and availability. Stetron is headquartered in Buffalo, New York, with operations worldwide


   TCS Space and Component Technology (formerly Trident)



With over 30 years of support to the Aerospace and High-Reliability markets, TCS Space & Component Technology specializes in the supply of ultra-rugged SSDs for the most demanding environments. We ship ruggedized SSDs in both highly-customized and industry-standard configurations for military, aerospace and industrial applications. Our industry-standard SSD configurations include SATA and PATA interfaces in both 2.5” disk form factor and caseless boards up to 256GB, as well as JEDEC standard mSATA and SlimSATA form factors up to 64GB, to meet a wide variety of application requirements.

TheTCS Space & Component Technology Advanced Products Group also provides advanced semiconductor packaging solutions in the form of custom “build to print” multichip modules, systems-in-a-package architectures as well as dense memory modules for the most demanding applications.





VadaTech is a board level design and manufacturing company focused on quick-turn designs for the embedded market. They dedicate themselves to introducing leading edge technology for the most demanding applications, and they differentiate themselves with their extraordinary capability to rapidly create new designs in response to complex customer requirements. Their continued service to the aerospace and telecommunications markets results in a rapidly growing product line including solutions for processing, communication, storage, and platform interoperability. They offer products in a diverse range of form factors, including:

Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA/ATCA)
Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC/AMC)
Compact PCI Express (cPCIe)
VMEbus Switched Serial (VXS)
Custom form factors

Their products are developed based on the needs of the customers, and their multiple design wins and rapidly expanding product line-up are a testament to their capability to fulfill those needs.



Viasystems Group

Viasystems Group, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a leading worldwide provider of complex multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs) and Electro-Mechanical Solutions to OEMs. Viasystems has the ability globally to support the customer?s full product life cycle from quick-turnaround PCBs for new product introduction to high-volume, low-cost fabrication of complex boards ? combined with comprehensive sourcing, assembly, and metal fabrication capabilities to supply everything from subassemblies to finished electronic products.

We provide advanced-technology printed circuit boards, large format backplanes and assemblies, custom sheet metal and enclosures, cabinets, racks and subracks, and electro-mechanical assemblies all the way through Level 5 Integration. Industry leaders in automotive technology, telecommunications, computer storage systems, and industrial, medical and aerospace equipment trust Viasystems to provide the technology, quality and service they require. Our technical support centers around the globe provide local engineering support and assist customers in launching new products.

Viasystems Group, Inc. was formed in 1996 to create a preferred global manufacturing provider to leading original equipment manufacturers through acquisitions of PCB fabricators and backpanel assemblers.

In early 2001, the telecommunications and networking industries began a significant business downturn caused by the decline in capital spending related to such industry. During that time, we streamlined our business to focus on PCBs, wire harnesses and electro-mechanical solutions, and we significantly diversified our end markets and customer base,  we continued to further our strategy of expanding our capacity and manufacturing capabilities in low cost jurisdictions in our China PCB and Electro-Mechanical Assembly operations. Additionally, we continued to diversify our customer base and to streamline operations in our high cost manufacturing areas.

In 2010, through the merger of Merix Corporation into Viasystems, we further diversified our served markets and our customer base, expanded our low-cost manufacturing resources in China, and acquired specialized PCB quick-turn capacity in the United States.

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